Siam GNR Neck Pillow

What is Siam GNR Neck Pillow ?

Siam GNR Neck Pillow contains of more than 18 herbs and has been designed according to human anatomy. It can decrease high pressure as mentioned in a book “ Mor Chaobaan”, column Neck Care and Exercise by Prof. Dr. Lek Parivisut, page 12

“ While sleeping, we should pillow by our nape, not occipital because when we pillow by occipital or too high pillow, our neck will bend and not support by a pillow. So a pillow for neck-ache person should be cylindrical like a baby bolster in order to hold our occipital along with a bed.”

Features of Siam GNR

  • Use 100 % cotton
  • Use 18 Thai and foreign dried herbs and use all five tree components: flower, leaf, seed, bark and heartwood.
  • Anatomical neck care and decrease pressure on neck.
  • Combine of herbs that works together for deep sleep, decrease stress and allergy.
  • 100% Perfume and alcohol free blend essential oil refills.
  • Relieve migraine, allergy, sleeplessness, snore, high pressure and stimulate freshness.
  • Decrease pressure at neck and calm. Seeds will massage neck while pillowing and can be adapted with another treatment. Lavender and orange peel will also make a deep sleep and relieve stress.

Internal Components of Siam GNR

Internal Herbs are Penta-Tree that contains of five components of tree as followed

  • Leaf: Pandanus, Galangal, Horse radish
  • Flower: Rose, Lavender
  • Bark: Orange, Kaffir lime
  • Heartwood: Eucalyptus, Citronella laurel
  • Seed: Tamarind, Longan

How to use Siam GNR efficiently

  • Fit with the shape of neck and make a windpipe parallel, decrease a bend of respiratory tract.
  • Air conditioning in a room. Place Siam GNR beside a pillow for its fragrance to make a deep sleep, prevent cold and a stuffed nose.
  • Place Siam GNR under knee to relieve a pain.
  • Place Siam GNR on a stomach to relieve an ache by pressing it in vertical position
  • Hug Siam GNR at night.
  • Roll Siam GNR on hands or feet for making a massage.

Internal Herbs of Pillow

  • Longan seeds
  • Horse radish leaves
  • Rose
  • Kaffir lime
  • Lavender
  • Orange peel
  • Tamarind seeds
  • Citronella laurel
  • Eucalyptus
  • Amomum biflorum jack
  • Galanga
  • Lemongrass
  • Pandanus leaves

Advantages of each herb in the pillow

Rose Reduce stress, reduce tiredness and increase balance and relaxation.
English Lavender Helps to deep sleep, migraine, mental calm and help mood depression.
Kaffir Lime Help keep the mind calm. Air fresheners prevent mosquitoes and insects.
Siam Lemongrass Help kill bacteria and prevent the spread of germs. Stimulates the work Various systems in the body.
Eucalyptus Anti-viral, fungal, bacterial, and immunological to the body and Relieve nasal congestion.
Orange Reduce anger, relieve stress, increase concentration.
Grapefruit Reduce fatigue and sadness. Relieve headaches and flu. Travel sickness relief.

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